Pertamina Trans Kontinental approach is to integrate social responsibility with business activities, which the Company implements in its operational activities that are responsible for nor damaging the environment, prevent environmental damage, and the obligation to carry out the goodness.


Corporate Social Responsibility Policies

Programs of corporate social responsibility PTK is specifically geared to support the achievement of economic growth, community development, preservation and conservation of nature and the environment, improving the quality of education and health of the nation, responsive to act in various natural disasters occur, and responsibility for the impact that may be caused by the policies and activities of the Company and responsibility to employees and customers. The Company believes that the sustainability of any business activity and increasing value of the Company is strongly supported by non-financial investments including the contributions to the development of communities in healthcare, environment, education, and religion. With this program, it is expected to create constructive and responsive relationships between Stakeholders and the Company in the future. Through CSR programs, the Company can increase the value to the satisfaction of all Stakeholders and materializing the Company’s contribution to the communities in general.


The principles of the Company’s CSR including:

  • Consistent with sustainable development and social welfare.
  • Considering the expectations of all Stakeholders.
  • Obeying the law and consistent with applicable norms.
  • Integrated into business activities