Milestone Pertamina Trans Kontinental


PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental was orginally founded under the name PT Pertamina Tongkang was establised on September 9, 1969 in Jakarta, as status PT. Pertamina’s subsidiary. With shareholders owner by PT. Pertamina 99,99% and PT. Patra Dok Dumai 0.01%.
Since on May 9, 2011, which changed shareholders owner of 99,998% by PT. Pertamina 99.998% and PT. Pertamina Pedeve Indonesia 0,002%.


At the beginning the purpose and intention of PT Pertamina Tongkang (PTK) is a Marine Carrier Industry to provide total support of Pertamina activities such as :


To conduct fuel distribution to all ports within the Indonesian, territories that is unable to be served by a tanker.
To conduct marine transportation of Pertamina logistic supply of the development project spread all over Indonesia.
To act as general agent and handling agent of Pertamina chartered tankers.
To be able to be the above task, the company licence have to be change to be come an “Offshore Specifics Shipping Company”.


In conjuction with Pertamina development activities in year 1974, PTK obtained additional fleet of supply vessel that assigned to serve and fulfil an off-shore oil and gas explorations and productions requiretment.


By completing the construction program of new fuel depots in the middle and eastern region of Indonesia. Pertamina withdraw the fuel distribution assignment, including all fleet and crew. Hence in year 1978, PTK no longer serve Pertamina only but also servicing other parties and altered its mode of business orient to become a profit oriented business base.


Further on, PTK is focused to and off shore activities to provide the following
To support off-shore oil and gas explorations
To become handling agent of Pertamina chartered and third party vessel


In year 1988, the company commensurate its business license permit based on Govermment Regulation No. 17 year 1988 (reimplementation and enterpreneur of sea transportation) from Offshore Specific Shipping Company to the Shipping Company with SIUPP No. BXXX-256/AL.58.

Nowadays Directorate General of Sea Transportation with the new regulation issued SIUPAL B XV-1203/AL.58 dated March 26, 2002 for PTK.


Since November 29, 2011 based on the Deed. 012 October 26, 2011 Notary Dewantri Handayani, MPA approved by the minister of justice and Human Right Republic of Indonesia No. AHU-58581.AH.01.02 year 2011 dated November 29, 2011 the name of PT Pertamina Tongkang change into PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental.