Opportunity for growth in PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental extremely wide open because we have a business to give total support to the activities of PT Pertamina (Persero) as the procurement of fuel distribution to all ports across Indonesia that can not be reached by tankers.


As our investment in the future, we provide huge funds for creating outstanding workers, creating future leaders is powerful, capable of carrying PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental face many challenges in the future. We are also committed to promoting research and developments are supported by the latest technology.


One vital element in the transformation of PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental is a cultural change based Tata Company Value 6C (Clean, Competitive, Confident, Customer Focus, Commercial, and Capable). We strive continuously to build performance-oriented culture. Your performance will contribute to the transformation program and the achievement of its targets. We provide equal opportunities to all employees to develop ideas, creativity and innovation. We provide a very broad opportunity for you to develop all the potential and abilities. We are sure you are able to show the best performance.



We recruit reliable workers from:

  1. Fresh graduate personnel: Intended for new graduates from Universities (Degree / Diploma) and High School/equivalent. We set up an environment conducive to know the company, all of the business and our values.
  2. Experienced personnel: To meet the needs of our specific expertise and experience.

Development Worker

Program development at PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental workers begins the moment when you join with us and continues throughout your career in the company. Our development programs include:

  1. The opportunity to continue their education to a higher level selectively inside / outside the country, to improve the capability and competence to build a professional worker.
  2. Training, seminars, workshops in Pertamina’s Group and institutions renowned in / out of the country in the field of Managerial, Specialist, Technical, Leadership and Culture.
  3. Professional certification.
  4. Coaching & Mentoring.
  5. People Review that the Performance Management System in PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental, to assess the performance and as a basis for program development workers.
  6. Managerial and specialist career paths.
  7. Internal Job Posting, provide an opportunity to change careers within Pertamina’s Group.
  8. Assignment of the subsidiary is part of the promotion and development of workers’ planned manner.