Hand Over Vessel AHTS Transko Celebes

Dated October 8, 2012, at the Meeting Room PT. Vries Maritime Shipyard has implemented handover vessel with the type Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) named Transko Celebes. The event was preceded by the signing of the Protocol of Delivery with Director from PT. Vries Maritime Shipyard, Mr. Aria Odman and President Director of PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental, Mr. Ahmad Bambang.

Transko Celebes is a sister ship of the ship Transko Andalas handed over in August 2012. A preparation and Procurement Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessel (AHTS) is an attempt PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental to regain the market share of offshore PSC (Production Sharing Contract) and also to rejuvenate vessel owned by PTK itself.

It is hoped the cooperation between PTK and PT. Vries Maritime Shipyard will be able to provide mutual benefit both in terms of financial, technical and legal aspects. As stated by Commissioner PTK, Mr. Waluyo the cooperation of both parties that initially only for shipbuilding will be round into another business opportunity that mutually can improve the welfare of both parties.

President Director PTK, Mr. Ahmad Bambang said that Transko Celebes is the fourth ship of AHTS owned by PTK that strengthen PTK Fleet. He hoped that on October 15, 2015, Transko Celebes already on hire at Balikpapan in the contract with Total Indonesie.

Commissioner of PTK, Mr. Waluyo optimistic that the target on 2012 can be achieved according to the historical by year to year that PTK has continues increasing performance through the provision of investment. He also said that the target profit can always be achieved and the performance can be improved if: (1) Every investment is always monitored by management, the realization and keep evaluated and (2) Make improvement through a transformation Human Resource Management and change of work ethic.

Through New Brand, New Vessel, New Spirit is a momentum PTK realizes the dream of being a world class shipping and marine support company.