PTK Cares Flood

PTK_PEDULI_banjirThe high intensity of rain since the beginning of January 2013 even collapsed water levee around Jakarta has caused flooding in several residential areas in surroundings Jakarta. To ease the burden on communities affected by flooding and the solidarity of the Company, PWP, BDI and PTK workers through Corporate Social Responsibility “PTK Cares Flood” have donated clothes, toiletries and cleaning, floor cleaning, baby diapers, sanitary napkins women, biscuits, instant noodles, coffee, sugar, milk, mineral water, blankets and carpets to flood victims.


On January 18, 2013 have been delivered aid to flood victims in RW 08, Village Sukapura – Cilincing. Assistance given by the Manager PR & Administration, Beno Supiono and accepted by the representatives of the people.


Furthermore, on January 25, 2013 have been delivered aid to flood victims in Penjaringan and delivered directly by the Corporate Secretary, Nurkasa Siregar, PWP representative, Mrs. Nasuhi Hidajat and Mrs. Joni Harsono, Chairman BDI PTK, Komaruddin and accepted by the Coordinator of Post Koramil 02 Penjaringan, Serka H . M. Yudi.


On the same day, aid for flood victims in Kampung Pulo submitted directly by the President Director Ahmad Bambang, Corporate Secretary Nurkasa Siregar, PWP representative Mrs. Joni Harsono, Chairman BDI PTK, Komaruddin and accepted by the Coordinator BNPB /National Disaster Management Agency in Kampung Pulo, Serda Taufik Hidayat.

PTK_peduli_banjir_4Companies were also sympathetic to the workers and the office boy who also be a victim of flood, on 01 February 2013 was handed over goods and cash through the Corporate Secretary Nurkasa Siregar accompanied Manager PR & Administration Beno Supiono to workers and office boy in PTK Headquarters.


PTK Biker is part of PTK co-workers sympathized with the program “PTK BC CARE” on January 22, 2013 has provided assistance in the form such as decent clothes, instant noodles and baby diapers to flood victims in the area of Bukit Duri Tebet through “POSKO Bantuan Banjir DPC PKS Tebet”. Assistance given directly by one of the PTK BC members Surya Darmawan and received by the coordinator of POSKO Bantuan Banjir DPC PKS Tebet Chairul and Koswana Uci.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a form of feeling sympathetic and caring of PTK to help each other, hopefully this can help ease the burden on residents who were affected by floods.

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