Values adopted by PTK are clean, competitive, confident, customer focused, commercial, capable. The Values are took effect on 5 January, 2015 based on the deed No.Kpts-017 / C0000 / 2015-S0. The elaboration of these values are as follows:

1. Clean

Professionally managed, avoid conflict of interest, never tolerate bribery, respect trust and integrity based on good corporate governance principles.

2. Competitiveness

Able to compete both regionally and internationally, support growth through investment, build a cost effective and performance oriented culture.


3. Confidence

Involvement in national economic development, as a pioneer in State-owned Enterprise reform, and to build national pride.


4. Customer Focused

PTK is oriented to the customers interests and committed to providing high-quality services to customers based on  strong commercial principles.


5. Commercial

Create added value based on commercial orientation and make decisions based on fair business principles

6. Capable

Managed by professional, skilled, and highly qualified leaders and workers, committed to building research and development capabilities