Operation Of Ships

Anchor Handling and Tug Supply


Tug Boat & Oil Barge


SPOB (Self Propelled Oil Barge)


Gas Carrier


Harbour Tug


Oil Tanker


Utility Vessels


Aktifitas Bisnis

Operasi Kapal

PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental memiliki Core Business dalam pengoperasian kapal milik dengan jenis-jenis sebagai berikut :
  •     Oil Tanker
  •     LPG Carrier
  •     Anchor Handling and Tug Supply.
  •     Multi Purpose Vessel.
  •     Harbour Tug
  •     Tug Boat & Oil Barge
  •     Straight Supply Vessel.
  •     Rigid Inflatable Boat.
  •     SPOB (Self Propelled Oil Barge)

Kapal-kapal tersebut digunakan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pencharter (PT Pertamina (Persero), KPS, dll) untuk mendukung kegiatan offshore dan onshore.

Charter dan Broker

Untuk memenuhi dan melayani permintaan customer untuk beragam tipe atau jenis kapal yang belum dimiliki oleh PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental, maka PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental akan memenuhi permintaan tersebut dengan menyewa kapal sesuai dengan permintaan jam sewa atau perjalanan.

Keagenan Kapal

PT. Pertamina Trans Kontinental menyediakan jasa keagenan kapal untuk kapal – kapal yang berlabuh di suatu pelabuhan di seluruh Indonesia sebagai General Agent (GA) atau sebagai Handling Agent (HA).
PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental adalah sebagai Handling Agent di seluruh pelabuhan di Indonesia baik sebagai pelabuhan umum ataupun pelabuhan khusus. Aktifitas dari PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental juga meliputi crew supply, bunker handling, water supply dan aktifitas lainnya yang berhubungan dengan handling agent.
Ruang Lingkup servis keagenan kapal meliputi :

  • Menyiapkan formalitas / fasilitas.
  • Pelayanan terhadap crew dan kapal.
  • Penyelesaian kewajiban finansial (disbursement).

Tugas Pokok keagenan kapal adalah mewakili owner / prinsipal dalam memenuhi ketentuan atau kewajibannya bagi kapal-kapal yang singgah di Indonesia.
Tanggung Jawab keagenan kapal meliputi :

  • Menjamin kelancaran Operasional kapal di Pelabuhan.
  • Menyelesaikan kewajiban financial (disbursement).
  • Menyampaikan laporan realisasi kunjungan kapal-kapal di pelabuhan Indonesia.

Pengelolaan Pelabuhan

PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental (PTK) sebagai pengelola Administrasi Pelabuhan Khusus Kontraktor Production Sharing (KPS) / Join Operation Base (JOB) meliputi pekerjaan dan tanggung jawab sebagai berikut:

  1. Mengerjakan administrasi Jasa Pelabuhan  yang meliputi : labuh, tambat, pandu, tunda (di luar daerah kerja PT Pelindo) sebagai pendelegasian PT Pertamina (Persero), dimana PTK bekerja atas nama PT Pertamina (Persero).
  2. Membuat Laporan secara periodik kepada pihak terkait dan dalam penyelesaian pekerjaannya, PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental mempertanggung jawabkan penyelesaiannya kepada PT Pertamina (Persero).
  3. Mengurus perijinan.
  4. Ruang lingkup pelaksanaan Pengelolaan Administrasi Pelabuhan Khusus oleh PTK hanya pada Pelabuhan Khusus KPS/JOB.
  5. Melakukan penagihan Jasa Pelabuhan kepada Agent.
  6. Melakukan penyetoran Jasa Pelabuhan kepada PT Pertamina (Persero) dan Pemerintah.
  7. Membuat laporan kegiatan kepelabuhanan kepada PT Pertamina (Persero), BP Migas, Kantor Pelabuhan/Administrasi Pelabuhan.
  8. Membantu pengurusan yang berkaitan dengan Administrasi Kepelabuhanan di Pelabuhan Khusus KPS/JOB.

Bunker Agent

Bunker Agent merupakan fasilitas pengiriman bahan bakar gas untuk kapal/tanker.

Offshore & OnShore Logistic Base

Integrated services offered by PT. Pertamina Tans Kontinental include:
  • Storage Area with an area of 45.28 hectares
  • Develivery and Cargo Shipping
  • Cargo Services Administration
  • Repair and cleaning of cargo with full facilities
  • Support Equipment and Infrastructure include:
    • Jetty, causeway
    • Equipment (e.g Weight: 150 tons ph crane, 75 tons of American cranes, 20 tons crane Todano, petty bone, 20 tons carry lift, 3 & 5 tons forklift, 40 feet prime over, 40 feet trailer caps.
  • Provide a clean water supply services, supply of fuel gas and other services
  • Rental of office buildings located in Jalan Yos Sudarso Batu Ampar – Batam Island consists of three floors for office needs, air-conditioned, parking area, 24 hour security, 50 telephone lines and equiped with a PABX system. Supplied with 350 KVA Generator Electric. Strategic location on the main line cargo and harbor of Batu Ampar.

Recognized Security Organization

IMO (International Maritime Organization) enforce the ISPS Code in Indonesia on July 1, 2004, where Indonesia (Government Contracting) as the one of the IMO Member responsibility is to assign the Director General of Sea Transportation as a DA (Designated Authority) provides and give authority to an organization security known by the name of recognized security organization (RSO) to undertake activities related to security, which includes:
• Ratification of Ship Security Plan (SSP) or with amendments.
• Verification and Certification of completeness of the ship with the requirements as stated in   Chapter XI-2 part A of the ISPS Code.
• Implement a port facility security assessment (PFSA).
Recognized Security Organization (RSO) is a consultant in the field of security that can give advice or provide assistance in the field of ship operations and port facilities, including:

• Implement activities ISPS Code certification for ships (ISSC) and port facilities (SoCPF).
• Implement / complete the port facility security assessment (PFSA).
• Assist in preparing the port facility security plan (PFSP).
PT. Pertamina Trans Kontinental appointed as RSO since 2004 pursuant to Decree Director General of Sea Transportation No. KL. 93/1/15-04 and updated until now. It is prove that the Board of Directors of PT. Pertamina Trans Kontinental committed to participate in the implementation of the ISPS Code in Indonesia.
Work Experience
To the present time, PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental as RSO has conducted assessments for 28 (twenty eight) Port facilities throughout Indonesia, including the revised plan of port facilities and also has conducted assessments of more than 11 (eleven) Ships both Tanker and also non-tanker.

Kabil Marine & Oil Logistic Base, Batam Island

PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental has marine logistic base 42,5 ha in Kabil Batam Island being used as storage area for tubulars,  Containers and other as well as to support the operational activity of Production Sharing Contractor where operates in Indonesia. The available facilities are :
  1. Port and Pier
  2. Warehouse
  3. Office Complex
  4. Open Storage
  5. Water Supply
  6. Fuel Supply
  7. Power House and Telecommunication facility

Underwater Technics Hydro-Oceanography and Mapping

Pertamina Trans Kontinental also offers surveying service by the expert staffs of expereinced and certified of IHO. Work activities HOP survey the following activities:
  • Coast Line
  • Seabed to land mapping profile
  • Seabed contour
  • Vertical & Horizantal point coordinate
  • Control point description
  • Precission drawint sheet
  • Coast and hinterland situation
  • Navigation supporting facilities
  • Stream and wave constanta
  • Seabed sample and type
  • Bhatimetric survey
  • Topographic survey
  • Water flow research and water mass movements
  • Tidal research
  • Wave research
  • Maritime metereology research

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