The Company offers services integrated to Offshore and Onshore Logistic Base, including:

  • Storage of 45.28 ha2
  • Cargo delivery
  • Cargo administration service
  • Cargo repair and maintenance with complete facilities
  • Equipment and infrastructure comprising:
    • Port Traffic
    • Crane with the capacity of 50 tons ph, American crane with the capacity of 75 tons, crane Todano
      with the capacity of 20 tons, petty bone, carry lift with the capacity of 20 tons, forklift with the
      capacity of 3 and 5 tons, prime over of 40 feet high and trailer caps of 40 feet high.
  • Providing clean water, gas and other services
  • Leasing office located in Jalan Yos Sudarso Batu Ampar– Batam Island. It consists of 3 levels for office necessity with the facilities of AC, parking area, 24 hour security,50 telephone channels and is equipped with PABX system. In addition, it has 350 KVA electrity generator with strategic location in main street cargo and Batu Ampar port.