OSH Year 2013 Campaign PT Pertamina Trans Kontinental.

logo-k3The activity of Socialization IMS & Workshop HIRA is the first agenda of the OSH Year 2013 Campaign that was held on 30 to 31 January 2013, held at 4rd floor PTK Building Center. Beginning with a brief socialization IMS (Integrated Management System) between ISO 9001:2008, ISM Code, and OHSAS 18001:2007 to Directors and Management Team, continued to the Manager, Tim Key Person Implementation of ISO 9001: 2008 and ISM Code PTK. The purpose of this socialization is for manual recognition and STI Awareness Workshop Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment.

Healthy Friday


On February 1, 2013, in the series of activities OSH, with coordination by department QSHE’s PTK and PTK’s Clinic implementing health screening program. Health checks include blood tension, as Blood Sugar, Uric Acid and Cholesterol Total for PTK workers Headquarters. The enthusiasm of the workers in this activity looks very good, as many as 150 working men and women, old and young age without exception queue patiently to undergo inspection.

Purpose of this activity is carried out as a form of awareness of the health workers and an indicator for the workers in the running of a healthy lifestyle. For QSHE department alone as a function of who is responsible for this activity can record health data of the workers in the office.

Seminar DK3N


OSH Culture Month is a good time to do refresh safety significance. Manager QSHE PTK, JO Lopung accompanied by Assistant Manager Quality Management, Rio Makhdevis and Assistant Manager of Health & Safety, Yusuf Wachyudi was speaking to the audience consisting of the Board of Directors, Management Team and the Manager PTK headquarters. Monday 4th Feb.

This time, it is the implementation of OSH Culture Seminar presented by the Chairman of the National Council of OSH, Dr. Ir. Waluyo. He explained the importance of the implementation of OSH culture from various angles complete with case examples. Waluyo plead all PTK and partners in order to really implement the application of OSH in any aspect of the company’s operations for the health, safety and security in accordance with the theme of the OSH Campaign of 2013. Namely, Let’s continue to act safely, for operational excellence.

During the occasion, President Director verbally convey OSH slogan “I choose safe”. Presumably exposure can inspire our conduct in carrying out their daily work. We recommended to always implementing aspects OSH correctly on every operation, in order to work safely and avoid accidents. By preventing potential accidents, throughout human PTK can help companies reduce the risk of loss firms in larger quantities.

APAR Training for Emergency Response Team


As Closing activities in OSH Year 2013 Campaign, Department QSHE held a Training APAR (Lightweight Fire extinguisher) for the Emergency Response Team that took place in the parking area Field PTK Building on 5th February 2013. The purpose of this training is to recall the entire emergency response teams in the use of fire extinguishers and light in the form of powder and CO2 fire extinguisher using with fire blanket.

In closing of OSH year 2013 Campaign activities, Manager QSHE, JO Lopung stated that OSH does not belong QSHE Department only, but belongs to all workers PTK. So together we improve the OSH to achieve Zero Accident in PTK.

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